Managua, Nicaragua

Managua Nicaragua skyline, boring rectangular building with lake in the background.

Getting in to Nicaragua is easy. After landing at the Airport in Managua, I got off the plane, handed my customs forms and passport to some uniformed guy in a booth and that was that. If my Spanish had been better at the time, I would have asked “are you sure? Is that it?” No questions about what I was doing in the country, no searching my bags, nothing. Just “Bienvenidos a Nicaragua.”

This is the exact opposite of my experiences reentering the United States. I have been a U.S. citizen my entire life. Despite that, some border patrol agent always has to interrogate me about why I was gone, what was I doing, etc.. They all talk in that same accusatory tone, too, glaring and trying to trip you up with their questions. It’s as if anyone who would dare leave the United States of America must be either smuggling drugs or engaged in terrorist activity.

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